Albion Environmental International Ltd

Albion Environmental International Ltd is a UK based company which provides top quality Waste and Resource Management services particularly to the developing and emerging markets.

We have developed from our sister company Albion Environmental Ltd who provide training and consultancy services to the waste and resource management sector within the UK market. The company only uses highly qualified and experienced staff who have many years experience working within the Waste and Resource Management sector. This experience is used to provide the high quality of training and services that the Waste and Resource Management sector requires.

We recognise that in emerging and developing markets, waste and resource management is not always given the priority it deserves.

We believe that a comprehensive waste management infrastructure is essential for the development of a prosperous society. In particular the lack of waste management infrastructure is creating huge public health issues. It is also causing environmental issues and is a huge missed opportunity to stimulate growth and employment opportunities in these developing economies.

Currently our key focus areas are as follows:-

  • Develop training programmes targeted at government officials to help them develop their infrastructure. These can be both in country and based in the UK to suit requirements.
  • DRC, Africa – STE Albion Environmental International DRC established in 24/04/2012.
  • First Protocole D’Accord signed 1/11/2013 with His Excellence the Governor of the Equator Louis Daniel Alphone Koyagialo Te Geremgbo

In many emerging and developing markets the challenge is often because there are so many competing pressures officials do not know where to start. Contact with Albion Environmental International Limited will allow you to focus on –

  • Creating vast improvements in Public Health
  • Improving and reducing environmental impacts
  • Generating employment and economic opportunities
  • Creating an environment which will improve the overall conditions and encourage the development of tourism.

For an initial “no obligation” discussion please contact Alasdair Meldrum via our contact page.