Democratic Republic Of Congo

Albion Environmental International Limited has the goal to create and manage Waste Management and Environmental Projects throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The focus of this work will be –

  • Creating vast improvements in Public Health
  • Improve and reduce environmental impacts of waste
  • Generate employment and economic opportunities
  • Create an environment which will improve the overall conditions and encourage the development of tourism.

In order to achieve this goal we have established a company in DRC

STE Albion Environmental International DRC established in 24/04/2012.

Province De L’Equator

Albion Environmental International Ltd’s Alasdair Meldrum, the director and founder of Albion Environmental International Ltd signed its first Protocole D’Accord on 1/11/2013 with His Excellence the Governor of the Equator Louis Daniel Alphone Koyagialo Te Geremgbo

This memorandum of understanding lays the “foundations for the partnership agreement and a long term programme for managing waste and solutions concerning the environment to be undertaken by Albion Environmental International Ltd, designated and supported by the Governorate”

Albion is delighted by this agreement and will work to support the Government to develop a waste management strategy for the province.

Our Vision for Province De L’Equator

The situation in the Province De L’Equator is very poor and there is little or no waste management infrastructure. There are also significant gaps in other infrastructure so there are many competing pressures for resources. Our focus is to provide significant improvements in public health via better waste management practices in as short a period as possible. We will achieve this by focussing on the following –

  • Clearing blocked drainage channels to allow water to flow freely
  • Provide waste collection system focussing on three waste streams – combination of collection system and bring system.
  • Organic waste converted to compost to be sued locally
  • Recyclate material, separated and value recovered
  • And final waste stream to secure well constructed landfill
  • The target is to achieve an overall recycling and reuse rate of over 90%

There are many areas of concern however the next immediate areas of concern include –

  • Abattoir waste
  • Condition of markets

If you want further information how we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us.