Waste Management Training

Through our work in DRC (see Project Delivery page) we have identified a clear need for waste management training in developing economies. Often in such economies, due to the somewhat chaotic working conditions and competing priorities, waste management does not get the attention it deserves. We believe it is as important and fundamental as providing food and clean drinking water.

We can provide your team of decision and policy makers with the key information to allow them to develop and more importantly implement waste management policies. One thing we make very clear is that ownership of waste management must stay with the government. Parts of the service can be delegated to other organisations but the ultimate responsibility is a government function.

We deliver this work via two key mechanisms. The first is a short, intensive training programme which can be carried out either in the UK or in your country. The second is to provide the support and structure for your team to take the project forward.

Stage 1 – Intensive training programme

We develop this programme specifically for each client so we can make the programme as relevant as possible.

  • Expertise and experience of your team
  • Your current waste management infrastructure and processes
  • What you think are the main issues

We then take this key information, along with other background information and develop a programme around the following four areas.

  • Why waste management is important – in our view waste management is as important as providing food and clean drinking water. Improvements to waste management can result in significant improvements to people’s health.
  • View UK Best practice and understand level and scale of infrastructure
  • Identify suitable solutions
  • Identify First steps – often waste management projects do not progress because they are too large and complex. We will help to break them down into smaller sections, with clear delivery timescales.

At the end of this unique programme you will have:

  • Information to drive change
  • Knowledge of UK system (took us 200 years to get where we are now, you can try to avoid all our mistakes!!)
  • Clear solution and identifiable first steps to get there

Stage 2 – AEI Ltd Support

Having worked on projects in DRC for a number of years we know that the path to a workable solution is not always clear. We believe that a waste management infrastructure is so fundamental to the health of society that the foundations for waste management must be laid across all developing countries. In order to support this we have identified the following areas which are critical for the development of a project including:

Financial Sustainability – how do you ensure project is sustainable financially in the short and long term?

Policy and Regulation – you must ensure you have clear policies and regulation to enforce a waste management system.

Management Team – you must develop a team to manage the whole process.

Waste Management Solution – the correct solution for your area must be identified. This can often be difficult as there is often little information and many restrictions on what is possible.

Albion Environmental International Ltd can assist by providing:

Total Solution – we can work with you and your partners to provide a total waste management solution.

Consultancy – we can provide the necessary consultancy from feasibility study through to delivery.

Coaching – we feel strongly that development must come from within your organisation. We can support this by providing coaching and mentoring for your senior team.

Training – we deliver training for all relevant areas of waste management.

Policy and Regulation – we help you deliver and prepare policy and regulation for your waste management services.
Want to find out more or discuss your issues. Please contact Alasdair as detailed on our contacts page.